Friday, 7 April 2017

Abhishek Kamble: Hair Thinning problem

Abhishek Kamble is a software professional and has been associated with Richfeel for over a year.

He opted for Richfeel hair treatment to cure thinning of hair.

The volume of hair on his head has increased and he is satisfied with the results.

He recommends Richfeel to anyone in need of a hair treatment or transplant.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Ms. Polly Santra - Hair fall treatment

Mrs. Polly Santra was trying to cope with several hairfall issues
when a friends of hers recommended her to try Richfeel Hair Treatment.

She says that the results have been wonderful.

She is so satisfied with the results that she has herself suggested
many of her friends to opt for the treatment.

Listen to her review about Richfeel's hair treatment...

Richfeel Treatment Review by Rajesh Rodrigues

Rajesh Rodrigues was worried when he noticed 3 bald patches on his head one day.

He started the Richfeel Hair treatment soon after reading different reviews.
And was regular with the treatment.
He observed a remarkable improvement with reduced bald patches.

He is now relieved and relaxed.

He recommends Richfeel based on his own experience and states that it has made him a happy man.

Listen to what he has to say...

Atul Mishra reviews Richfeel's 1 year Hair Treatment package

Atul Mishra, an IT consultant from Hinjewadi opted for a 1-year package that Richfeel had to offer.

He is immensely satisfied with the results and
says that his head looks a lot fuller as compared to what it looked like a year ago.

He also states that the staff at Richfeel maintains high standards of
professionalism will timely follow-ups.

Listen to what he has to say....

Mayuri Baruah: Scanty Hair Treatment

Mayuri Baruah describes her experience with Richfeel as fruitful.
She had hair scantily spread over the front side of her head.
This had deeply affected her confidence and she used to fear people judging her because of her hair.
However, her hair looks visibly fuller now.
She has all her confidence and aura back. Fear has taken a back seat.

Look what she has to say about Richfeel's Hair Transplant

Mr. Punit Pania: Anagrow Hair Treatment

Anagrow Hair Treatment Review by Richfeels

Punit Pania, a marketing professional in the Healthcare industry had no escape from baldness
as it ran in his genes. It had taken away his good night's sleep.
However, Richfeel hair treatment has helped him retain his hair growth.
He says that the staff is cordial and timings are friendly.
He has recommended Richfeel to his friends and family.
Here is what he has to say about Richfeel's treatment :